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  • Eagle Air: Commercial flights from Entebbe, Uganda to Yei, South Sudan costing $430 round trip and $245 one way. Email to book your flight.
  • A good search engine to use is when booking flights to Entebbe.
  • Menno Travel, a Canadian travel agency, offers discounted missionary rates. Email and tell her you are a missionary with Iris Ministries. Tell them to book you ONLY to Entebbe. If you tell them to book you to South Sudan, they will book you to Juba, and it will be complicated for to get to Yei. Iris will book your Entebbe to Yei flight.



Entebbe Airport Guesthouse: +256 414 200 221; +256 772 370 263

  • Cost: about $50/night for single, $60/night for double, $80/night triple, breakfast  included
  • Free airport pickup/drop off (email them your arrival details)
  • Community lunch and dinner served for $10/person.
  • Walking distance from several restaurants
  • Address: Plot 17 Mugula Road, Entebbe, Uganda
  • Email


Central Inn: +256 414 322 386; +256 772 367 004

  • Cost: about $45/night for single, $50/night for double, $60 for 2 single beds, breakfast included
  • Free airport pickup/drop off (email them your arrival details)
  • Restaurant with a wide selection on site
  • Address: Plot 45/47, Church Road, Entebbe 25641, Uganda
  • Email


Sunset Motel: +256 776 323 501, +256 414 323 502, +256 771 500 070

  • Cost (including 1 free airport transit): Single standard $45, Twin (2 separate beds) $60, Double (couple) $55, Triple $80, Quadruple $100 (add $10 to all for 2nd airport transit)
  • Cost (not including airport transit which is $10): Budget rooms are smaller but self-contained – Single budget is $30, Budget twin $50
  • Address: Plot 25 Church Road, Entebbe, Uganda
  • Email



Adonai Guesthouses: +256 772 318 844 (Jane) and +256 777 201 697 (Tom) (no email address)

  • Manager: Jane
  • Cost: $30/night per person (discounted missionary rate)
  • Addresses:
  1. Adonai 1 Guest House, Lobbobbo Close, Lower Muyenga before going up Tank Hill                                                       Directions: Tell the taxi or boda driver – “I’m going to Lower Muyenga before we go up Tank Hill.” After turning right at the boda stage at Muyenga, you will see a big sign that says “Tank Hill Parade” on your right. You will now be going down a hill with a very big up hill in front of you. As you go down this short stretch of down hill, you go over several small road bumps then one big roan bump. A few meters after the big bump, take the left turn into Lobbobbo Close. You will be going down hill headed for the big red GIZ gate. Right in front of this gate you make a sharp left turn. Adonai House is the big red gate at the bottom of the hill.
  2. Adonai 2 Guest House, Nsambya District, Behind US Embassy, Kampala


Tuhende Safari Lodge: +256 772 468 360

  • Address: Plot 8 Martini Road (within walking distance from the High Street and the commercial districts, near the big mosque)
  • Cost: 16,000UGX per person per night (About $6.50) for Dorm rooms, where there are about 5 beds); a little more expensive for private rooms
  • Breakfast – 6,000UGX (about $2.50)
  • Dinner – 18,000UGX (about $7.50)
  • Lunch not included
  • Email


*Payment for all hotels is in cash. They do not accept check or credit card.