Family Set Free

One of our lead pastors who is also our Yei social worker took us on a home visit to three girls he feared were being abused and might need safe placement.  I had a sense all was not what it would seem when we arrived.

The teenage daughter was accusing her mom of beating her and our leaders were afraid she would turn to prostitution if there was no intervention.  I saw a broken family with the father having died and an overwhelmed hurting mom and everyone needing Jesus.  The baby demonized and had witchcraft charms on her.

I got down in the dirt and held the moms hands and told her about Jesus and his love and how he was right here and wanted to be with her and help her.  We led both mom and daughter to Jesus.   Their countenances instantly changed!  We cut the witchcraft off the baby and prayed freedom over her.

I was able to share about forgiveness with mom and daughter and they forgave one another and invited Jesus into their problems.  It was so beautiful!

This little village will be transformed by a family on the verge of being ripped apart now surrounded by the love of Jesus.  We are in the process of planting a church there with Ide and his leaders.    I can’t wait to return to sit with them and teach them more about Jesus and His love!