Police Trainees

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About a month ago we took notice of about 500 police officers in training just near to our compound.  It turns out they are coming from all over our state.  One of our team members was heavily burdened for them and began to pray.  One day we were driving by and there was an overwhelming sense to stop.

So we did and one of our key leaders, John jumped out and went and met the lead commander.  He basically said, where have you been?  We have needed someone to tell us what to do with all the demonic attacks. They invited us to come back and share with all of the students. We took our a team from our Revival School and went and preached there.  495 of the 500 decided to follow Jesus!

We started to return on a regular basis to do outreach there.  The next sunday we went and had our church service there and another member of our team preached powerfully about following Jesus.  Hundreds stood to say they would be willing to give their lives for Jesus.

We returned the following week ready to baptize any who desired such and got quite a surprise.  The commander who had been so welcoming had been transferred and his replacement took ALL of them out except about 25-30 who were sick out into the bush.  It was 2.5 weeks before they returned.

We worshipped with the ones who were present and our students and team prayed for the sick. We found out within a day ALL were completely healed.  News spread out to the bush where the rest of the trainees were and they were not happy they missed out.

Once the rest of them returned, we had a powerful worship time and proceeded to baptize any who wanted to be baptized.  One man had been marked to die from a witchcraft curse, the number 3 appeared on his foot meaning her was 3rd in line to be killed.  Our team prayed and instantly the curse was broken and the number disappeared!