Prophecy about South Sudan

Beloved, I am writing this overwhelmed with God’s goodness right now!

A friend I don’t even know transcribed this word from Kim Clement, given on his TV show last night, as we have no way to view video or audio here online.   I say he is a friend because who else would take such time to do something so precious for us.

I am undone by Papa and take this as a direct promise from heaven for us.  It is verbatim, those who have ever heard me share what I came here believing for will know, to what God promised me when I came here five years ago.  I weep with joy.  It really really is going to happen.

Some days in the dust and mud surrounded by all that is common to life here, it is easy for the promise to grow a bit distant.  Always present but it can seem far off in the distance at times.  This word from Kim could not have come for me personally at a more strategic time.  Thank You Papa.

I am including the word below, as it was transcribed and sent to me this morning.  I am only editing formatting and grammar slightly to make it more readable, and changing a few words in brackets for the sake of wisdom. Please stand with us for there is a sound of a mighty wind stirring, a holy fire burning and great rain coming!

As I read this to our revival school students today, a huge wall of fire erupted just beyond our fence with flames as high as the mango trees as someone’s controlled burn got a little out of hand.  No one was injured but we stood watching it as a sign of all that is to come.

“What is happening? Where is God now? Where is the Glory of God? What is He doing? And these prophecies are basically saying, this is the sign of the beginning of, this is for the church first of all, because Christ is building His church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against us. Ok. He’s building His church. His church must grow. Not only in America, but in Japan, in Egypt, in in in in “Sudan! Sudan!” I feel something about Sudan right now.

Where is Sudan? Sudan is… It’s below Libya? …ah it’s on the east coast. Just above Uganda.

Here’s the word of the Lord. And I want to prophecy this right now. And I say and I want you to listen to me. I feel something about Sudan. I feel like there is going to be South of Sudan, there is going to be a massive, massive move of the Spirit, where even Muslim people will travel from the North to the South and say, “What is happening there? What at the miracles that are happening in South Sudan.”

We were once a one nation but now we are two but God said, “Even though you are one that became two,” God says “They shall become united, because there’s been control, corrupt leadership, [northern] powers have tried to dominate with [their religion’s] law and bring in great evil, But, I have a plan for Sudan. I have a plan for them” says the Lord. “I have a plan to move and to shift and to come into South Sudan and to do something that will reach into the North and even bring [those faiths in from the north] in where they will shout out, “We want the Christ that you serve.”

“I placed The Nile through the middle of you” and God said, “so that you could cross over and be together. And this is my word to you.” says the Lord, “I will bring about a move of my Spirit in Sudan which will reach and reach into the countries around them.” Says the Spirit of God.

“And they will look and they will say “This is a country that is the largest in Africa and yet this country” and I’m speaking from the Spirit right now, “this country has now become the largest in terms of the propigation of the word of God and the miraculous.”

God says “Sudan, I hear your prayers. Even those who have been persecuted and killed. I am going to come there and light a fire in the South of Sudan that will cause many to come into the kingdom and great news shall come from Africa. Great news shall come. They shall say, “there’s a fire burning! there’s a fire burning!”

And God says “You will stand and you will say the Lord has done this great thing.”

-Kim Clement, On The Matrix, March 15, 2011 minutes 62.15-64.52