on the serious side

We thought it might be nice for you to see our serious side over here in Sudan.  At any given time you might find…

Missionaries trying out a new internet fad.  Here Carolyn and Patience demonstrate the recent phenomena called “planking.”  Why plank, ie imitate a wooden board balancing on strange objects?  Um we have no idea.  Apparently in America it is really in right now, but we don’t recommend trying this at home on objects higher than a foot off the ground. 😉  We bet we are the first to “plank” from South Sudan.

The next generation of mac users… Must be a good playlist for that expression!

Up and coming Broadway stars… We think she might have a future on the stage.

Interesting local advertising strategies:  somehow, we feel this might not be the best branding for a successful business. I mean none of us are marketing gurus or anything, but still…

LOTs of love and laughter.

We love our world and are very, very happy to share it, with all its joys and opportunities to grow, with you!  Fun is not an option in the Kingdom, so we find lots of way to enjoy all God is doing around us everyday.