a great way to save and help us at the same time

Who likes to save money?

We heard that.  Now you can save money AND help us all the way in Sudan at the same time.  Someone give a cheer to that!

For as long as I can remember my {Michele’s} mom has had an Entertainment Book in hand.  It is this massive book of hundreds of pages of steals and deals she eagerly purchased each year.  She made her investment back in savings in the first few uses and then kept on saving so much more throughout the year.

Well now my incredible mom {I love you!  Your grandkids love you!}, ever our champion, has figured a way to share the savings, share the fun and the blessings AND help raise money for our work in Sudan.  Online.  Easy peasy.

These 2012 Entertainment Books are packed full of savings and custom designed for your area… or your friend’s area… or your distant-cousin-twice-removed-who-has-everything’s area.

Click on this link and put group number 942458 in the purple box where it says group account number, hit the red preview button and away you go. There are savings tailormade to locations all over the US and Canada.  They make great gifts for the holiday season as well, uchummm… 

Once you have entered the group number and hit preview you should start seeing a thank you for supporting Iris Ministries Sudan Children’s Village on a bright green banner to the top of the page ;-) You can then view or buy any editions you want. Search by zip codes to find out books closest to locations of interest.

Buying online following these instructions ensures that books are discounted, that there is NO shipping fee, and that purchases are credited to help us in Sudan.   We will get 50% of the sales every book you buy from the kind folks at entertainment.com when you follow these little steps!  Now that’s a win-win if we ever heard one.

We hope you are blessed, save lots of money and we are very grateful for your ongoing love and support of our family in Sudan.