Baby Moses

In July, we took in a new baby. His name is Moses; he was 17 months old and weighed 7.7 pounds. His mother had died several months after giving birth to him, and the child’s condition began to deteriorate after her death. Though his father was receiving regular food sustenance from a church, he lacked the ability or knowledge on how to care for a small baby.

Moses when he first arrived in July 2012

It was a miracle Moses was still alive. When we received him, he was severely malnourished and his skin was peeling and covered in sores due to the malnutrition. The staff here immediately took to loving on him and holding him, and he was placed on a special milk diet.

August 2012, just one month after arrival!

It has been amazing to watch Moses’ rapid transformation. Within the last few months, he has transformed into a completely different baby. He’s put on a lot of weight, and though he is still small for his age and it will take time for his body to catch up to normal size, he is healthy and very happy. He laughs and smiles all the time, and the other children absolutely adore him.

It’s an incredible feeling when you know a child was close to death and because of God’s intervention and the care of His people, the child’s life was saved. My heart is moved to realize again the fact that God sees the one person and hurdles every obstacle to act on his/her behalf. His eyes are intently upon each person. He knows every single need, every heart cry, and He will stop at nothing to meet that person. How amazing is the lovingkindness of our God.