Consider sponsoring one of our brilliant young men in our Wings to Fly Program Post-Secondary School Sponsorship Program

Kennedy is a quiet, studious young man who loves soccer. There’s a stability and dignity about him, and he loves God.

Kennedy has dreamed of being a pilot since he was a small boy. He wants to transport missionaries to unreached areas so they can preach the Word of God. Kennedy is gifted academically and does well in school, specifically in physics, geography, and math, the very subjects needed for flying. We can see that Kennedy would make an excellent pilot.

The cost to train for a commercial pilot license is extremely expensive, at least $30,000. We still hope in God for that to open up for him and have found a 1-year course to train as an aircraft dispatcher in Kenya for $1,000! This involves learning meteorology, preparing planes for takeoff, load and fuel distribution, and route planning. It is possible for a trainee who works hard to be noted and receive further opportunity for flight training.

If you would like to help sponsor Kennedy for the initial course and beyond, please email

Also, look out for more information about the Wings to Fly Post-Secondary School Sponsorship Program coming soon to this website.