the found campaign

Look what we found: a simple goal. Every one of our children in Yei fully sponsored by Christmas 2012.

I am sitting in Florida tonight very far away from the ones I love so much in South Sudan.  But they couldn’t be closer to my heart.  Right now at this very moment there are 62 days 42 minutes and 43 seconds to Christmas.  Exactly.

As a family, we are asking big from heaven this year. We are believing for a miracle.  An enormous, gigantic, audacious, impossible-without-God miracle.  One of those.A Christmas miracle.

It has been six years since this very unlikely candidate {ahem, me} showed up in the middle of the bush of South Sudan.  Our family now is home to over 120 beautiful sons and daughters.  We have an amazing international team all flying into the dreams of God together.  {You probably have noticed a few more voices writing here. I hope you are enjoying hearing much more from all of us!}

The best part is… are you ready?  YOU.  Reading this line.  You can be a part of making this miracle happen right where you are.  You can join us as we stop for the one and believe for the multitudes…  and touch South Sudan, right where you are.

Starting at $35/month, you can link arms with us and help us care for the precious treasures Papa has brought us.  Found.  Every one of them is… found.  We are believing to see EVERY child in the care of our Yei Children’s Village fully sponsored by this Christmas.  Together we can see miracles happen!

When all our children are fully sponsored, the children’s village they live in will have a stable stream of what they need every month to provide for their needs.  Food, clothes, school, carers, medicine… you get the idea.  The more people join us in caring for our children, the more children we will be able to help.  But right now we need to get each of our children fully sponsored so the projects they depend on are properly funded.

And every day we find over and over again: the greatest thing is love.  Simple, practical, supernatural love, messy, hard, wonderful,  filled with joy, brimming with the I-have-no-idea-how-it-will-happen faith and here is YOUR invitation to journey with us on this adventure and discover how simple love can be.

Much love, Michele