Consider sponsoring one of our lovely young men as part of our Wings to Fly Post-Secondary School Sponsorship Program

Safari is a fun-loving and joyful young man. He had a difficult childhood but was the first in his family to become a Christian, at age 10. He used to sneak out to church services and prayer meetings and cry out for God to move in his life and make a way for him to receive an education. God answered his prayer and Safari came to live at Iris Ministries Yei Children’s Village in 2007.

Safari graduated high school in 2010. He has the ability to apply himself practically in many areas – mechanics, electrical installation, construction, and agriculture. Safari is an excellent role model for the children and serves as a house uncle at Iris. He is also co-pastor of the Yei Children’s Village church. He is a man of integrity and exceptional character.

Safari has attended an agricultural course in traditional agricultural methods. There will hopefully be future opportunity for him to learn Farming God’s Way methods. Safari intends to implement these skills on the Iris land, helping the children’s center to become more self-sustaining and also passing these skills on to the children.

Safari has also purchased a plot of land near the Iris compound and desires to build a house, move off the Iris children’s compound, and establish himself as a man. This will cost about $1000.

If you have a heart for helping a young man transition into adulthood and begin his independent life, consider contributing to a Transitional Package for Safari. Please email to find out how to do so.