Sponsors Needed

We want the joy of caring for our children, His Promises Found, to be as accessible as possible to our friends and family around the world.

It takes us a minimum of $105/child/month to fully care for one of our residential children up through 7th grade and $140/child/month for 8th grade through high school graduation.  This allows us to give them the food, education and basic necessities they need as well as run the centers they live in.

We understand that is a lot of money to lay down monthly. So we have set up our sponsorship levels in increments of $35/month.

At $35/month, one of our residential Iris children in South Sudan will have 3-4 co-sponsors depending on their educational level.  You can sponsor as much of one child’s monthly costs as you feel led to and/or are able: $35, $70, $105 or $140.

Each sponsor will receive an annual update and progress report with a current photo of each child they sponsor.

Promises Found is affiliated with Iris Ministries’ Stop For the One sponsorship program.  Due to cost variance, we have structured our portion of this program to be specifically tailored to the needs of our children and centers here in Sudan.

Once you fill out the form, we will shortly be sending you a profile package and current photo of your child so you can begin to get to know him or her.

Thank you so much for helping us care for His Promises Found.