To The Congo!

Mbote, Sangonini!

That is hello, how are you in Lingala, the language of the Congolese in our part of the globe. We have just returned from a weekend with these beautiful people. There is a refugee camp about 33 miles from our base, just 5 miles from the Congo border. We had to go through the UN and another NGO just to go and evangelize there. We were told that we are the first evangelists to come and walk about preaching and teaching and baptizing and also to show the Jesus film in their language! Many people were healed and many came to salvation.

There is such a seriousness in my very heart and soul for the souls of man. When I open my mouth to speak of such things I find myself full of fire and the Holy Spirit, it is truly as Jeremiah says, the word of God is like a fire shut up in my bones that I can not contain, and I must speak it out! This is how our entire team was this weekend. The camp has a population of 9,000 Congolese with a very small sprinkling of people from the Nuba Mountains of North Sudan. We were only able to cover a very small area in the short time we were there. Over 500 people came to the Jesus Film and so many raised their hands for salvation. The next morning we were supposed to baptize these but learned that it was a big Catholic holiday so everyone was going to the Catholic Church as this is a mostly Catholic congregation.

We then ministered to one of the pastors and his wife. He stayed with us the entire weekend and took us all around. It was an amazing two hours of just praying over them and loving on them and giving them gifts and speaking words of prophesy and destiny over their lives. No one had ever poured into them like this so they were so extremely blessed. When we were finished I asked the pastor if he felt encouraged. He replied that before we prayed over him he was hard of hearing and had constant pain in his head and shoulders and back. He said that now his ears popped open and all his pain left him! We didn’t even know about his ears!!! Jesus loves these two so much.

There is no evangelical church in his camp and we felt strongly that he was called to start one and told him that if he too heard this from the Lord then we would partner with him. So we are praying for a church in Lasu to be born. We are going to return in three weeks to have a three-day disciple training course, inviting all churches there, to come and learn about Holy Spirit and all of His freedom. I think there will be many disciples coming from this community and we are so excited to partner with them! We never want to “steal” sheep from any church but if there is no life and no real zeal fro the Lord then there is much religion without life. This is what we found here, no real life in the Spirit. Many people had no understanding of Biblical truths, just going thru the motions of church.

Last Sunday I preached in our church and the Lord was asking us, “What is the position of your heart?” What is the position of your heart, whether you are receiving many blessings or whether the road you have been on has been full of bumps and pits. Is the position of your heart unchanging? Do you love just as much in plenty as you do when everything has been taken from you? Does then offense or anger creep in? When the government is taking away all of your “rights” are you offended and judging those in office? The Lord has really been challenging me on this. What “remains” the position of my heart at all times? Jesus was always love. When John was beheaded, Jesus went to the masses full of compassion. He didn’t go running to fight the enemy or get a lawyer.

The Lord has really been speaking to me and showing me the ease of life that is walked close with Him. If I truly trust the Lord and truly find rest and joy only in Him, then no matter if I receive or if it is taken away, I will still “feel” His peace and joy over me. I will still not change the way I live and move and have my being. The constant position of my heart will literally direct my mind and my life. If it is filled with peace and trust and is settled in the fact that God loves me always, then I should be unmoved by any situation when it comes to my gaze being fixed on God.

This week our new Land Cruiser has broken down three times. It all started when we finally got diesel in our town and we spent $100 to fill it up. Then just a few miles down the road it died. We were stuck on the road in the dark for three hours when we finally got our driver to bring our tipper truck and tow us to the Episcopal compound in town. We thought we had the problem solved as we were able to make the outreach trip this weekend, 70 miles roundtrip, with no problems. I just received a call that it is again broken down. We think that we either got bad gas or there was a lot of dirt in it because when we drain the tank it is very dirty. We have drained the tank twice and still…. Praying for wisdom and a miracle because there is no LC dealer in our area.

We still have a team here from Mozambique and we have lots to do and many other places to go! This week we are doing a two-day leaders conference at a local church for all area church leaders from all denominations. We also will visit the hospital and prison and then we go on another weekend tent camping outreach to Morobo Village. We are finding ourselves ministering all over the south and many are hearing of our teaching on Holy Spirit and requests are pouring in! One of the pastors in the area who lives in our neighborhood has told us that he has seen the difference in our area in this last year or so. He said that the people are changing and becoming more peaceful and that there is a tangible Presence of God out here, emanating from our compound and our kids. The people hear us worship and pray throughout the week and the mamas come to get water here. We are affecting our community just by our love for God. This is kingdom living and kingdom reality, affecting the world and changing it’s reality.

Today we have been cooking all morning and the kitchen activity was at full speed. Our “pet” goat was underfoot constantly trying to eat everything. He has been bottle fed since his mama died and he refuses to be like other goats. I had to make a command decision today and had the boys tie him with the other goats so he could learn to be a goat. We now have chickens all over the place, cats and kittens mewling outside my door, two puppies and 120 children! Can I say that it is never quiet here and one has to keep alert to all this is underfoot – hehe! Oh, why the cooking and feasting? Two of our missionaries are now engaged to each other. Danielle and Obi and you should have heard the church today. Obi got down on his knee before God and everyone and professed his love for Danielle and the mamas and kids went absolutely crazy. It was ululating and dancing and flowers strewn everwhere and African material being waved. These two then led a procession to our compound for the feast. Joy abounds here today and I am so happy to watch them walk this out in such purity of heart, a model for our kids to see, the kingdom way of courtship. No dating, no waiting, just a pure love and a marriage right around the corner.

God bless you this week and be filled with the knowledge of the Holy and allow Him to direct your path, the path of your heart, no matter what.