By The Word Of Our Testimony!

Last Sunday I took a team of our kids to go and cast out a demon who had been disturbing one of our neighbors. Demons are very easy to spot here because there is very little to distract us from knowing they are around. In the west, in countries with an abundance of entertainment and things and big cities, etc… it’s a bit harder to spot the demons. In the west they come in the form of greed and lust and sexual temptation etc… Here the demons come and attack people in their minds and bodies by trying to immobilize them. Many of our kids have experienced demons trying to sit on their chest at night or choking them or knocking things over in houses. They don’t come here to our compound anymore of course.

We went to see this sweet old lady who comes to my Women’s Fellowship meetings. Her sister came and told us that she was thrown to the ground and then refused to talk for two days and just stared into space very fearfully. When we arrived she seemed to be okay although she had no peace or joy. She told us that she felt demons in her room and knew they wanted to kill her and that her dead mother and father tried to warn her in a dream. We shared the scriptures concerning fear and peace and our authority etc… I asked our kids if they felt anything or had a word. Then one of our boys said that there was a spirit at work here because it is not of God when the dead talk to us. We explained what a familiar spirit was and how they come looking like relatives and wise counsel yet leave us in fear and unrest. We prayed over her and told her how to rebuke the familiar spirit if it should return and then walked around her compound and hut declaring the Word. It’s been a week and no problems have come her way and she has been at peace once again. God is so good!

Today after church I let a team of our kids go to another house for another deliverance. Our young pastor, Kafi, one of our grown up kids, went with them and the testimony they told me today is amazing. This lady works for us and had asked us to come to her house because there was a spirit or something throwing her things to the floor and causing havoc with her house contents while she was not there. She said that a few weeks ago she brought a basin of warm water into the hut to bathe her little child and immediately after she bathed him she lifted the basin to throw out the water and a snake was under the basin. It was not there just minutes earlier. There is no way for a snake to get under a basin of warm water. She then told us that her uncle is a witch doctor and is one of those who goes under the water to get more power. This is very common here and they can manifest themselves into snakes. I have talked to eye-witnesses whom I trust with my life, pastors I know and fully trust, who have seen this many times.

Our kids prayed over her and started to worship and she started to manifest and was flung back and to the ground and was shaking uncontrollably. The kids were undeterred and unfazed, and were even more encouraged to keep praying and worshiping. They stayed there for an hour with her and watched as peace overtook her and the demons left her. I am so proud of our kids and how they want to go on these deliverances and how they operate in such wisdom because they know the Word of God and aren’t afraid of the dark forces that are operating around us. They know their authority and walk in it. This is the fruit of all that we are sowing and it just makes me smile because I know they can do this on their own now.

Two weekends in a row now a group of our children have been meeting three times a day on Saturday to intercede for this nation with the Word of God and worship, bringing their journals and listening for what God wants to say. The things they are hearing are definitely from the Lord. What they are writing in their journals is not even how they speak, they would not talk the way they have been writing. It can only have come from the Lord, the way the words are written down. There is a shift in our children, as we go deeper into the heart of their Father and He reveals Himself to them. I am beyond excited to see this happening.

I met with our Friday morning Women’s Fellowship and so many testimonies were being told. One lady came from the church that I spoke at in December when I did the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She is the one who got so touched by the fire of God that even her six year old daughter started prophesying in English, and the daughter doesn’t speak English! This lady came because she is so hungry for more and she said that she feels the fire all the time now and has been praying for people and seeing God touch them and heal them. She said she has never felt this peace ever in her life and she has never felt the presence of God like she has been since that Sunday, continuously. God is so very good!

Another lady said that a couple of months ago I taught about the power of our words and how we can speak “peace” to a house and it will remain if we believe. She lives on the same compound as her sister and their family and she said that they are not walking with the Lord and there has never been peace on her compound. But since she has been applying the word of peace to her own hut, she has never entered her house and not entered full peace. She said that no matter what is going on outside that door, she has the manifest peace of God in her house and in her heart now. She believes it for her compound now and is speaking it in all situations.

I tell you, the power of God IN us is so ready to be released by a company of believers who believe what they carry and what they walk in! Christ IN us, he is the manifestation of all that is true and powerful and wonderful. I tell my kids, “Look at your hands! Those hands carry the very authority of God and all of heaven to touch people and transfer the kingdom upon them.” God loves to show off and show up. He will do what He has desired to do since the dawn of time as we know it. He desires us to defeat the devil at every turn and to not be afraid to do it but believe in the God of the universe who dwells with us, regardless of our age! “Let the little children come to Me for they shall SEE the kingdom of God!” I will continue to believe like a little child. I just choose to believe because I refuse the alternative.

I closed my week as I checked on some carpenters who are making our cabinets and bookcases in our library. They were working hard all day. One of them asked me if I had some iodine as he cut his toe. These are just simple men who don’t have steel toed boots or even covered shoes, just cheap little $5 flip flop shower shoes. I was really tired and almost said we don’t have any, which would have been true. Instead, I went to our tiny clinic office and retrieved a band aid, a cotton ball, and some gensin violet (treats wounds) and came back and got down on my knees and applied it to his big toe and gave him the band aid. I was thinking, here I am the director cleaning the toe of a worker. I was reminded how Jesus came to us, the director of heaven, to clean our hearts with His very blood. I pray I will always keep a humble spirit and never forget where I came from, ever.

Peace be with you. The kingdom of heaven be with you. All authority be with you. Go and preach the gospel, use words if necessary……