The Seed Is In The Ground

Greetings Family!

In two days I am coming to America! My heart is full to overflowing pertaining to the plans of God and all that He has in mind for me, for this nation He has called me to, for the children He has entrusted to my care, for His kingdom to be known everywhere I go! My heart is burning with His kingdom news and I am a herald who must run with it and tell all. I have never felt such a burning and such a burden for all things kingdom as I have these last few months. My very bones feel the fire of it. I can imagine how Jeremiah felt when he said that God’s word was like a fire in his bones and if he didn’t tell someone he would simply die. I KNOW this feeling, this burning, this passion.

So this is what I come to America with, the passion of God and the passion of His kingdom in me, for it to be released upon the earth. I just had this image of Paul Revere riding his horse through the night at breakneck speed, yelling, “The British are coming!!!!” and how would it be if we would do the same and say, “The Kingdom of God is coming!!!! People get ready!!!” This is what it is like when we go to the bush and visit those who are bound, when I speak to the women at our fellowship group, when I preach in my church, a church full of kids who get it. Sometimes my team and I talk about the heavy word that we always preach and the strong meat our kids get, us holding nothing back from them. This is what kids need, what they are asking for. We have to meet after church now because our kids are having serious questions concerning all things Kingdom and they want answers. How fantastic!

We are teaching everyone, everywhere, be ready in your faith, be ready to answer the questions that the world will have. If we don’t stand for something, for the Word of God, then we will stand for nothing that really matters. One of my older girls came to me today and wanted to know why my heart is so moved for my latest burden, because it has become a burden for her and she wants to partner with me. This is a kid, a teenager who still has four years of school left. She wants to know why my heart is moving in time with hers, at this particular time? I have a burden for restoring the mothers of our children to their children. The mothers that we visited in Juba who were living in hovels and tarp shacks, drinking alcohol, prostituting themselves to survive. I want restoration! I am tired of hearing babies cry for their mamas and boys crying for their fathers. I want these kids to be with their families in a healthy environment.

This girl is asking me why can’t we just do it now? Why cant we bring these mothers here to live with us now? I then had to explain the reality of living in this world and how money is needed for everything. BUT, I then told her that we cannot worry about these things. If God put this burden upon our hearts then HE will make a way for it to happen. He would never give us a burden for something and then say, “So sorry but the funds just aren’t there, or the land is not available, or no one will come and help you…” If we are burdened with something so badly that it makes us cry at night (me) then how can God ignore that? He will make the way to bring it about.

Yesterday we had a time of fasting and soaking with God in our prayer hut. I was reading in 2 Corinthians and in Luke 19. In 2 Corinthians Paul is telling the church to sow generously. The more I read it the more I saw the gospel. Paul tells the church, because of your service men will praise God for the obedience “that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ”. We are to confess the gospel, the Word of God, filled with power and never ending increase! In Luke 19 the message is about using what has been given to us, caring for that thing and doing something with it, and when the master sees that we have been faithful in that thing, he will give us TEN CITIES! I want ten cities in South Sudan! Jesus then said such a simple yet profound thing to me in that place of revelation yesterday.

“The seed is in the ground.”

The seed has already been planted! What are we waiting for? The harvest is there. Go and water it and care for it until the time of picking. Jesus tells us that in the end times he will send His angels to harvest the fields. Our job is to water that seed. That SEED which is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the seed. He planted Himself, became the first seed, so that nothing can stop the harvest. The gospel is everything, not just salvation and then move on to the next field. The gospel of Jesus Christ is so all consuming and so all encompassing. It is everything that everyone needs to be ready for that end time harvest. It is the water of life. The gospel is doing what God has called each of us to do, and doing it completely, not just a quick dip of our toes to test the water. It is diving in and swimming in it, moving with it, letting it move us, getting caught up in the current of it. It is so much more than a quick message or a quick offering in the church plate, or a quick trip once a year to feed the homeless.

Preach the gospel, always, and if necessary, use words. Do the gospel, be the gospel. How I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is my very breath, my very passion, my very life. How can I “do life” any other way? What would be the point of things? So, this is what has been consuming me this year. Simply a passion to see ever more of His kingdom manifest in the here and now.