Fully On Fire


Last week I was sitting on a plane bound for Hawaii and I finally had time to catch my breath. It’s been a fantastically crazy, wonderful, tiring, elating journey so far since arriving on American soil. As many of you know I had a root canal the day after arriving here in the USA and then surgery three days after that. All went well and I am completely healed from the surgery on my nose. While still having splints up my nose into my sinuses, three days after surgery, I began my speaking tour! The Lord gave me a very bold message to share with the church in America and I wasn’t sure how it would be received, but my team agreed that it needed to be carried to the west. Everywhere I have gone, everywhere, the message has been received with such passion. People are crying out for a great awakening in the church again in our nation and the church is in the receive mode and it is incredible.

This year in South Sudan my team and I have been preaching with such fire that we are almost shocked at our boldness. The fire of God has penetrated our hearts to such an extent that we are going in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit like never before, feeling such an urgency in these last days for souls, souls, souls. I keep saying to myself, “Who is this person (me)? I have never been this way before!” There is such an electricity in my spirit to evangelize the world and to see the fire of God come and burn in the hearts of man everywhere I go. I was in Virginia where the Awaken The Dawn conference had just finished when I arrived. I wasn’t at the conference so knew nothing about what was being shared as it was still in the last day when I came to share at The Dwelling Place Richmond and Williamsburg.

After sharing in these two places, I was told by those who were at the conference that what I was preaching was exactly what was being preached at the conference, even almost to the word. God has been confirming to me again and again, in Hawaii and Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels and Blanco Texas and Virginia that what I am sharing is so very relevant to the body of Christ in this day. It is a message of the kingdom and birthing this kingdom across the earth and about the harvest being guaranteed. Jesus died and rose again so that He would have the harvest. It will happen. I have been telling everyone that I want to burn so much for the glory of God that like a third base runner in a baseball game coming into home plate, I want to slide across fully on fire, burning up a trail behind me, coming in hot! That is my new mantra, “I am coming in hot, fully on fire Lord!”

It is time for the church to be consumed by the fire of God, to be fully on fire for Him and His kingdom. Reinhard Bonnke puts it wonderfully. He challenges us to make a decision that if we had sixty minutes left what will we do with it, save ourselves and our things or save our neighbors who are dying all around us? The fire is coming, coming, coming! So many people are standing on the edge of the abyss with their toenails hanging over, just one tip away from the fires of hell and many in the church are watching it as if it is a movie and not real or even relevant to them.

We have gone from conference to conference, supernatural school to supernatural school, meeting after meeting, and still we sit and wait for “a sign” to go into all the world….

I love the story of Mary in Luke 1. When God told her that she was going to be an illegitimate mother and be in danger of dying for the gospel, she didn’t say, “Oh wait, I need a few more people to lay hands on me, or I need a couple more schools, or I need to have a team first, or I need to be a little bit older, or maybe wait till I get married…” She just said, “Let it be as You say God!” She trusted God to take care of all these things and she said I will do it.

Right now in Virginia and in Pasadena California an amazing move of God is breaking out in the middle schools and high schools. Kids are organizing student led events and almost demanding that they be allowed to have Christian gatherings in the school stadiums. A fourth grade class was in total disruption after some fourth graders started laying hands on each other and getting baptized in the Holy Spirit in the middle of the school day. The teacher didn’t even know what to do or how to bring order from this Holy Spirit beautiful chaos! Fourth graders! High school students are organizing Holy Spirit repentance events where teenagers are coming in droves to repent and receive Jesus. They are fed up with religion and are flocking to the knowledge of Holy Spirit and His freedom for their lives.

I have felt such an expectation in my spirit that a wave is coming to America again and stadiums are filling. Even in July one million people are expected to be at the Mall in DC for The Gathering of believers to pray for our nation. Revival is coming and now is the time to go and see the harvest! It is guaranteed. Jesus bought it for us, for Himself. We have sixty minutes, what are we going to do with it?

Next week I will head back home to South Sudan. I am so excited to see where the Lord will take us next this year. I have an amazing team and amazing children who are fully on fire for the kingdom of God, for Jesus. We are going places for sure! If you are not already partnering with us as we take more ground for the Lord, please visit our website as there are many opportunities to partner with us. We have children who still need sponsors, children who are standing by to go on to university, and an entire country to evangelize! The harvest is so huge but the laborers are few, yet willing to go. We sure would love to have you partner with us as we go! I am so excited about what is still to come! I am going in hot!