A Church On The Move


I have been back in South Sudan for one week and it is as if I had never left. I literally hit the ground running. As soon as I got to our compound the gifts and letters were given out with so much joy and received with even more. Our children love getting letters from their sponsors and they crowded around me until each one was blessed with theirs. Every child was happy. I think they just like being affirmed and seeing in writing how much people care for them. All of our girls also received handmade dresses from our friends in New Braunfels, Texas, USA! Our church shined the next day as most of them wore their new dresses! So beautiful and colorful.

Things are still really difficult in this country and our friends at the hospital are telling us that so many families are coming in now malnourished, entire families, because of the extreme economic crisis we are facing. There just isn’t any money to cover the extreme cost of things. There are no caps on exchange rates or market pricing so everyone is allowed to gouge prices and charge what they like for exchanging dollars. I really cannot wrap my mind around why there is no control. It is severely detrimental to the people here yet nothing seems to be changing. We are also learning that 90% of the people in the hospitals are sick with malaria, almost as if we are in an epidemic. We are being very diligent to make our kids put their mosquito nets down at night but if they aren’t in their beds early enough or get up too early, just one mosquito can bring the malaria. We are still praying for a malaria free zone.

I had the privilege of having a “mama” talk with two of my older boys this week. They sort of got into some messes and I talked to them as a mama and encouraged them to focus on the future, not the now and running with the pack. One boy received the discipline of clearing a field. I had just returned from talking to the one boy at boarding school and went to go and help the other to clear the field. So it was just he and I out in the field by ourselves. I told him that it was no accident that we were there together, and that Jesus is the same. He is with us in all things. We talked just he and I and he actually smiled at the end of it and I hadn’t seen him smile since I have been home. Our hearts connected even more there in that field. I love these times of being a mama.


On Friday morning I met with our Village Women’s Fellowship group and brought them the greatest of gifts! I brought small memory cards for their phones which we loaded with the audio Bible in their language and the Jesus Film in their language! These women who cannot read and write, they now have a Bible! Halelujah!!!! We had a tea party while we loaded their phones with the gospel, with the kingdom of God in its fullness. This makes me smile so much.


Today is Sunday and I am still on fire with the kingdom message. I preached at a Church of God church and brought the message that we need to be a church on the move. God is on the move all across this globe. My friends in Moyo, Uganda are preaching to and teaching Muslim Imams, the youth of America are experiencing revival, Brazil is experiencing revival, Africa is on fire, people are pressing heaven, the CHURCH is on the move! It is ringing in my spirit, the church is no longer satisfied to sit and eat. It is a church on the move with the glory of God to cover the earth with His glory. As we were returning from church, I waved to my friends, the rough guys who work at the river we cross, washing vehicles all day. They know they are my friends. I have talked with them so often, prayed with them, given them money for food, never failing to greet them as I pass, for many years now. Today I stopped and in the middle of all these people washing clothes and cars, I put my hands on Daniels head (one of my favorite sons from that place) and released the Aaronic blessing over him, releasing the face of Jesus to shine upon him, to bring him peace. He smiled so big, like he was so special that the Lord would stop for him. A church on the move.

My spirit is so alive and excited with the kingdom and the fire and the glory and the movement of heaven within me. I find that I can’t sit still with it. I am so alive inside with it. I pray that this fire remains all of the days of my life and that I change history where I am, where God has called me, at any given time. That is all that He asks of each of us. We all have something we can do to change the world and bring the kingdom, where we are, with the purpose that God has called each of us individually. Are you an intercessor? You are changing history! Are you a financier? You are changing history! Are you a children’s ministry revelator? You are changing history! All are called to be a church on the move. Let’s carry the glory to the ends of the earth, all of us together, however that may look!