Pressing Ever Onward

In all my travels this last month across North America I have been sharing mostly from Philippians 1:27, from The Passion version, where Paul tells us to “KEEP our lives in the reality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this reality is what will draw men to Jesus, and those who HEAR of our faith”. This was given to me by the Lord when I was battling intense fear in a war zone. He said do this and your fear will go, you will live. Our lives really are so simple IF we live from this reality. It’s not hard to say yes to Jesus. I have heard a hundred teachings on faith, on how we can have more faith, how we can learn to believe for things. People always ask me how I have such great faith. How do I get past the fear and uncertainty of things? My teaching on how to get great, ridiculous, radical faith is this:


It’s that easy. It’s so much easier to say yes and let God bear the responsibility of the outcome. It’s all up to Him. How simple is that? That is where I LIVE from. I don’t go there when I need it, I LIVE from there. This radical faith journey started about four years ago when I was handed such a huge call that I could not bear the weight of it. I really wanted to run from it. I told God that He was the one who asked me to do this. He is responsible for the outcome. All He needs is my constant yes. That is faith. People ask me, “How do you pray for your finances?” I don’t. Seriously, I don’t. I NEVER ask God for money, EVER. I see what needs to be done and I just KNOW that if it’s part of His plan for our lives and our needs then He WILL bring the finances we need. I simply believe and carry on with His plan, even when I don’t SEE the provision YET.

My LIFE and ministry is His business. He has the blueprints, the land, the bank-vault, I am just the office manager. I manage His work in and thru me. And we are very good friends. We spend a lot of time together, actually we hang out all day, He is part of my day all day. I include Him in all my stuff and He includes me in all His stuff with me. None of what I have is mine. It’s His and He can do whatever He wants with it. When He says give it away, I do. How can He give us what He has for us when we hold so tightly to the stuff that He asks us to let go of? Do not hold tightly to the things of this world is what He always tells me. He has so much more. I LOVE the more!!!

When I last wrote things were coming along smoothly in our new country, the children are in school and our compound was being finished and all was right in the world. Last month I received word that one of our pastors has gone on to glory. He really was the brightest light in our lives. His name was John Barara, which means light. I have never known a man more in love with Jesus and filled with so much joy as our dear John. We were crushed when we learned of his death in a hospital bed in a refugee town. We had been trying to find him for a couple of months. When war comes everyone runs and it’s really hard to find people. God is sovereign and we trust Him with this. Our faith is ever stronger.

All of our children are in school but all had to be put back a grade to repeat last year as we missed the entire third semester. This was hard for them but they knew it had to be done. They have been studying hard and took their first semester exams and all of them failed except for a few. They have been set back two grades now. We almost had a mutiny on our hands. These kids have been thru so much and now to be told they are set back two grades… They are now okay again and resigned to this but spurred on ever harder to get their standing back. I am so proud of them and their courage to keep going and not be deterred.

Through all of this we continue to extend the love of Jesus. We have found a number of our staff in the refugee camps and have paid for their journey to come and live and work with us again. We are still rescuing a few people out of our country by buying them plane tickets and visas to get them out. One of our older girls now in university has an aunt and nephew who were trapped in country. We got them out and have set her up in her small business on this side of the border. We are finding ways to give a hand up and not a hand out.

Another of our friends, a pastor who had a regular Christian radio program which ministered to so many, has managed to now register in Uganda and is now living up near the refugee camps, having been there himself, and he has started his radio program in our local language of Arabic and Kakwa in the town of Moyo, to be broadcast to the refugees there. We have been sowing financially into his ministry to get this going because it is such an encouragement to our people to hear our pastors on the radio in our language. God is really doing amazing things in the camps and we are finding ways to partner in it.

We are running a good race and we are running strong in the face of so much adversity. God has made our faces like flint and we are filled with His fiery love and press ever onward. Thank you so much, so much, all of you who have supported us in all this. We could never do any of this without you. I never get tired of saying this. I am so seriously thankful. May God bless you and your health and your finances and your race and may we all press ever onward TOGETHER in this amazing race!! He loves us, oh how He loves us!