Perseverance Is Still Plan A

I just returned from Mozambique where I attended our worldwide family gathering and then stayed an extra week to be with the Harvest School students during their last weeks of school. It was an incredible time of sharing testimonies from around the globe and hearing what God is doing. I wish that there was a news program that just told of all that is going on in worldwide missions and just how many people are “out there” living a simple life laid down for the gospel. One of my favorite speakers at the gathering was Brother Yun who has written his amazing story in his book, The Heavenly Man. He spent ten years in a China prison for preaching the gospel. I pray that I can persevere like him. He is such a humble man and always points to Jesus. When asked what the hardest thing has been for him in his life of persecution, he replied that it wasn’t the torture or being separated from his family or near starvation. The hardest thing was waiting on God. I loved his honesty because that is what we all struggle with when we are in a hard place and don’t understand it all. When will you come Lord Jesus, when? Those who wait will always see their deliverance and their salvation. This was the message of Brother Yun.

There are still an estimated 2,000 people per day flooding into Uganda from South Sudan and all refugees are already on half rations with the UN saying they will cut them even more because funding is not there. We are literally crying out in prayer that Jesus would do something in South Sudan to cause peace to come so that there would be no more refugees. People are seriously suffering inside and outside the country from hunger and losing all their crops because they had to flee. It breaks my heart so much and I have no idea how to help on such a large scale. It’s overwhelming. All we can do for now is pray and continue to pray for God’s intervention and to have mercy and bring relief and to go ourselves to keep encouraging our brothers in the faith.

We are getting ready for a few outreaches that we have planned in the next few weeks. This weekend we are taking part in our children’s school’s overnight prayer rally where they have asked me to be the preacher and we are also using all of our sound system equipment. We are also in the planning stage to visit two refugee camps next week, holding discipleship teaching in both places for two days each, and each place hosting approximately 500 people, with us feeding all both physically and spiritually. That’s a thousand people! This will be our biggest undertaking yet and with the smallest team. All of our strength and faith rests solely upon the Lord. He is able and we are willing! So if you are partnering with us in prayer, pray that God’s will be done in all of the preparation and that our vehicles remain strong and our sound system and all these details that need covering are fully covered. We are so excited.

What’s up with our children? One of our older girls was taken to the hospital two weeks ago and we found two masses on her ovaries. After having an MRI they found that they were large cysts, one was completely encapsulating one ovary and even twisting it, trying to cut off all blood supply. I thank God that we found a great doctor who knew what to do and she had surgery last week and was released on Saturday and she was begging us to let her go back to school! We are so grateful for God’s faithfulness, we really are.

We now have a certified Ugandan Social Worker on our staff and she is a Christian and is such an amazing help to us. She knows the system and knows the language and the culture and is helping us so much with our children in school, bringing understanding on both sides to help our children transition more smoothly in their new country for now. God just keeps bringing us into contact with the most amazing people that really want to help us. I really believe that God has given us amazing favor with both governments and we are so thankful for this.

And finally our NGO registration process, which has been stalled since May 1st, was finally moved forward after a prophetic word was spoken at the family gathering in Mozambique. Our papers had been sitting in one person’s office since May 1st and we were told that our town was one of the most difficult places to get paperwork approved. One of our Iris leaders publicly prophesied over me that God was giving me supernatural favor with the government. He had no idea about the paperwork stopgap. The very next morning our papers were approved and released! THAT is God taking action, quickly! I am amazed but not surprised by the favor that we have been shown. I know my God and He is faithful, faithful, faithful. No one can ever tell me different. I am so glad, so very glad, that our kids have seen it with their own eyes and that faith will carry forth for at least two generations in a row, mine and theirs. Weekly I remind them of what God has done for us. They KNOW that I will always testify weekly about His faithfulness to us. I refuse to ever let them forget it. When a generation forgets the testimonies of God in their lives, that generation falls.