The God of Infinitude

Every week is so filled with the infinitude of God in our lives. He is everything in all things concerning my little life. God is infinite in all things. Infinite is just another word for limitless, measureless, timeless, knowing no boundaries or stopping or starting points. God is all things in every situation, for all time, even before time and after time. How marvelous is that thought?

This week the Minister of Education and her Director general came to visit us at our home for two days. We took them all around, they talked with our children with and without us present to get a true picture, and they came to one conclusion. This home MUST be duplicated ALL over South Sudan so that peace can come. They saw children of different tribes and states living together and loving each other and loving God so much. They told me, “We have never seen this? How do you raise kids like this”. They encouraged our children to stay this way, to not let the world change this gift of unity that we have been given. When they left all our children gathered around and prayed for them and the DG had tears in his eyes. They didn’t want to leave this place. What a testimony to the love of God for every man.

There was only one person in our country who was ever reluctant against to allow us to leave the country. He did not trust us to do what was right. I cannot blame him because things happen to children all around the world which bring great harm to them. We were told this week that he went before the church last month and repented before God and the congregation and has turned his life truly over to God and the people say that he has visibly changed. It isn’t just words but a changed life. We have been praying seriously for him for this whole year, for the peace of God and the kindness of God to rule in his heart. This was truly a miracle of God that no man could ever cause. It was God Himself who touched this man. We are inviting him to come and see his children.

We also went to the South Sudan Embassy here in Kampala to pick up our passports and all were so delighted to give them to us. The Minister of Education told us that even she cannot get a passport in one week. It takes them at least one to two months, yet ours are here. We then went to see the Ambassador of South Sudan to thank him. He and the other officials told us that everyone in South Sudan government knows who we are and what we are doing and they are fully behind us and so happy about what God has done through all of this. I was told to my face that they wanted to set up a time for me to meet the President himself because he even knows about us and would like to thank us. This is all just so incredibly surreal. This is the infinitude of God.

In all of this all of our children have been fully tested for HIV and Hepatitis and other venereal diseases and TB. Only five children tested positive for anything and it is all curable with no lifetime of medications! Hallelujah praise the Lion of Judah! Next Saturday every one of our children will start receiving their three part series of Hepatitis B vaccines. Hep B is so common in South Sudan and can destroy one’s liver if left undetected. It is another cost that we did not count on but God knows all these things and God is infinite in His provision to get all this paid for and we are just so grateful to all who continue to help us in all these things thru His provision. We never could have done anything without the help of all of our sponsors. I must keep saying thank you, really.

Our children are heading out to church camp for a week today and then they come home for one day and then head back to school. My two top helpers in all this are out of the country during this time so I have been working from early morning till late at night every single day, but God’s infinitude is all available to me and helps me in all these things! He gave me a word a few months ago, which I hold on to.

NOTHING IS AN EMERGENCY TO GOD SO NOTHING IS AN EMERGENCY TO ME! This keeps me balanced and walking in a full time Sabbath rest. Africa has it right, there is no hurry in Africa. It has taught me to slow down. I am always reminding myself to stay present in the moment because it will never come again. Enjoy it at a pleasant pace, not rushing through it. Look around at your world and enjoy all things created and how we interact. It will never be duplicated again, ever. It only comes once. A flower blooms once, the sun comes up the same exact way with the same exact clouds just once, never repeated the same.

God is infinite, measureless, timeless, boundless, all knowing, all seeing, all abundant, all things to all of my needs, and He loves me! Ha! Makes me rejoice so much!

Another testimony is that one of our most zealous young men, who knows the Bible words from front to back basically, not as in memorizing, but knowing where to find things and knowing most stories. He loves Paul and loves His holiness and walks such a holy life. He is so precious to me and his heart is so passionate about God. Three years ago he fell back into the law and out of the grace message. He wanted to please God so much that he wanted to be perfect, trying to follow every law. He fell in with some Seventh Day friends who shared the same passion. I watched the joy leave his life because he tried so hard to follow a law he couldn’t possibly keep without grace. Long story short, he has come back to grace in these last few weeks. He has seen the impossibility of trying to follow the letter of the law and that is why we need grace, Jesus. It’s so good to have him back, the joyful, full of life son. The letter of the law kills, God’s grace brings life.

I bless you this week with grace and abundance and the full knowledge of the infinitude of God. I bless you that nothing is an emergency because God knows the end from the beginning. My Texas family and friends, keep helping each other and keep your focus on Jesus because He will bring and be your help.