Mamas: It Takes A Village

This entire week was spent cooking for our boarding school students. Drying ground nuts in the sun, threshing the skin from them and then grinding them so that we can make pure peanut butter for them. I could just go to the store and buy 50 giant jars of peanut butter but the mamas say NO! We have to make it fresh and this takes days… Then they make their own special dough and cut these teeny bite size cookies for days and fry them in oil. I could easily go to the store and buy them packages of cookies but the mamas say NO! We have to make it fresh and this takes days… Then this year we made 40 bags of popcorn so that all of the boarders could have three big bags to last them one more month for those late night study times. Again, I could have just gone to the store and bought all these bags of ready made popcorn but the mamas say NO! We have to have it fresh and this took only a day… Whew!

I applied for my three year work permit on Friday and am waiting on pins and needles praying I get it approved so I can freely travel in and out of Uganda without having to pay any more visa fees. Next weekend I will travel east to Inshasha, Uganda, just beyond Barara to take one of our older girls back to Kampala International University where she has been going for two years. It is the best nursing school in Uganda. I have wanted to visit and see where she lives and meet her teachers. We are both very excited. We are still working on over three hundred personal handwritten cards to send to all of our donors. The children watercolor painted 100 of them yesterday. It’s definitely been a family affair but we believe our donors are so important to what we do that all the hard work is worth it. We are really trying hard to get them out with the team that leaves to the USA on 27 December so that everyone can have them by very early January.

For those of you who have sponsored our children for passports, they have been in school and it has been very difficult to get them all out just to get a picture and print them out so if you look bacon our FB posts you can see that we really did it with your amazing help. All 80 except for about 17 were sponsored, 50 kids by one lady!!! Thank you sponsors ALLLLL of you because we even have someone who faithfully sends us $7 every month and that alone can do so much for us here. We are celebrating ALL of you.

As usual we have visited our Ugandan neighbors in need and helped them out financially and prayerfully, we have invited and received our Ugandan neighbors to our house church to worship with is, at the schools we invited Ugandan children who had no parents visiting them to come and share our meal, and we always give money to the poor children wandering the street of Kampala, and we still bring food to the battered women’s shelter in Luwero regularly. These are our normal ministries. If you remember a few months ago we helped another orphanage in the next town with food and helped a little girl named Winnie who could not go to school because her wheelchair broke. We finally got all that organized so she could finally go back to school in her new chair. This week we took her to a team who came to our town and got her another chair for her home so she doesn’t have to find a way to get it to her house on holidays. They don’t have a car and they live on a small village path so even trying to get on a motorcycle to take it is difficult.

There is ALWAYS something that God wants to do. And so many times it is easy but takes a lot of work. That’s when many people turn away, too much hassle, don’t have the time, too busy… If we stop for just one person even each month you could change twelve lives a year, 120 lives in ten years, 1,120 lives in twenty years…. But I you do nothing…. Those same people will still be sitting there. This week let us find out what God wants to do and join Him and go down a new road. Me? I am going to walk the dirt roads of my neighborhood today, just greeting people and visiting them, to see which children are not going to school so I know who to sponsor next year, getting to know my Ugandan neighbors.

Bless you this week as you go and see what is down a different road. You never know what you will find there? Bless you, Carolyn