Some of the street boys in Aweil
Some of the street boys in Aweil

In June of 2011, Iris ventured deep into Northern Bahr el-Gazal state.  With love, lots of bread, and the supernatural favor of God, there was much fruit from this time.

Iris Aweil is our northern most movement yet and will be serving as a launch pad deeper into the most conflict ridden areas of our land.

After numerous scouting trips throughout 2012, in February 2013, the Iris Aweil Movement officially began operations! The focus of this base will be outreach to the street boys of the city. These children are very poor and at-risk. Many of them are addicted to sniffing glue, and they desperately need to experience the love of Christ. Iris Aweil operated a drop in shelter for these children with an emphasis on family tracing and reunification. These kids were provided with food, education, and most importantly, the Gospel, in a non-residential setting. 2012-11-01 09.06.54In addition to children’s ministry, Iris Aweil partnered with local churches to preach the Gospel, minister in local refugee settlements, and operate a community care program to provide supportive care for at-risk children in their extended family environments.

After spending seven months here in Aweil, Iris has placed eighty nine street kids back in their homes and has registered them in school and has helped their families with basic food subsistence. This movement is still moving as Iris will be renewing the school fees and continue to help the families as possible.

Because I have had to take the reigns at the Iris Yei base, the work in Aweil has come to a full stop.  There are still many children on the streets.  We have left the program in the hands of the government but I think it will be almost impossible for them to keep it going due to lack of funding.  I encourage you, if God is drawing you to this ministry in the streets, to come and visit.  I can help you to continue this movement if you so desire.  Let’s talk.