Yei Children’s Village

Yei is home to Iris South Sudan’s administrative hub and Yei Children’s Village. We have a beautiful compound of 40 acres, 115 children in our residential care, and 10 South Sudanese leaders and staff working with us.

Our children grow up in a family dynamic with house mamas in a community setting. Here they receive education and learn all they would learn in a local village.  We even have our own flock of goats.  And lots of green growing things too!

Our Community Care Program assists vulnerable children in the community with food and primary school scholarships (there are no free schools here).  Our Dream Primary School serves 600 children! We also help our partners at Confident Children Out Of Conflict (CCC) in Juba, hosting their older girls who are in boarding school here when they are on holiday. We have also taken into our family many of their children who once lived on the streets of Juba.