Project Areas

Photo by Julie Peters

God is doing a lot around these parts.  It is pretty amazing to see how He is moving among us.  The fields are ripe unto harvest everywhere we look.

We thought it might be nice to share some of the various projects we as Iris South Sudan are involved in. We love being able to share our journey here with our family from all over the world! You are such a big part of it all as you love and pray and give.  Thank you.

Right now we are in Uganda and our compound in Yei sits empty and abandoned because of the current civil war. We hire workers to come in and keep the grass cut while we wait for peace to come once again to our country. When we return we will need to restore and rebuild. Until then all of our projects are in Uganda.

We are currently looking at funding a small clinic in the Rhino Refugee Camp when’re most of our townspeople now live as refugees. There is no clinic within a ten mile radius and children are dying daily for lack of medicine and treatment. Once we know the particulars we will post it here.