School In Uganda


Because of the instability we are experiencing in our country due to this present conflict, we are now in Uganda. All of our children are attending one of the best Christian Schools where our children will receive the best care and education. In Uganda and most places in Africa, schools are not free and education is a privilege that must be paid for. Uganda schools run up to grade S6 for a graduation certificate.

The costs associated with sending one of our children to school include uniforms, books, fees, medical care, food and boarding, bus transportation and student visas at $100 yearly for each child. This can be quite costly, but the alternative is much more costly to their future, staying in a war torn nation with no access to school.

If you would like to partner with a child’s future then we would be so pleased to invite you to come alongside them as they dream of a better future apart from war and distress. The cost for one child is $150 USD per month to cover all details. If you can only partner with half, then we will match your donation with another donor to co-partner for this child.

Please email the School Sponsor Administrator at for further details on how to start your account today!