Wish & Praise List


Base Operations which include:

School fees for 132 children each term $2,500 USD

Food for children and staff and staff salaries  $6,000 USD

Vehicle maintenance and fuel $800 USD

Children’s medical care $300 USD

School uniforms, shoes, school supplies and play clothes $800 USD

Base supplies (cleaning, kitchen, garden)  $500

Licenses, passports and staff travel, fuel $200 USD

Emergency budget $500 USD

Building repairs $500 USD


$500                      Playground

$15,000/House       Two New Kids’ Houses

$4,000                    School Fence

$65,000                 Vehicle

$20,000                   Solar water system to bring water from our well to the school and kitchen and handwash stations.

$3,500                    Blankets and Sheets

$1,000/                   Graduate Transition packages for graduating young adults (bricks, roof, door for tukol, latrine structure, land price)

$75-90,000             Permanent School Building

$5,000                    Satellite Dish Installation

$8,000                   1 Boy’s Latrine

Praise Report

Thank you so much for all who responded to our cry for help in January when we received 36 additional refugee children from Juba because of the internal war in our country. We were able to build a much needed fence around our compound, a new boy’s dorm and a new kitchen, praise Jesus!! God has been so, so good to us. We have even built a Prayer Hut dedicated to His goodness to us in the midst of war and famine. Our children have become almost desperate for more of Jesus since we have been going up to pray and worship. They are experiencing revival in their souls and spirits. Because so many are giving to these little ones, their worries have faded and they can focus on the ONE.