We know all of you can’t board a 747 and turn up at our doorstep. We sure wish you could. We would love to welcome you with our signature maize posho (that looks a lot like mashed potatoes) and fried termites.  Yum!

But seeing as you might never reach our doorstep, the least we could do is bring our doorstep to you!  We are very happy to do missions in a media age.  It is pure JOY to share the world we love so much with you.  So tune in to our media pages and explore life in Sudan a bit.  See and hear the hearts of our children firsthand.  We think they are pretty much the most amazing kids ever.

We currently have internet that makes dial up look state of the art, so we thank you for grace until one of us can actually get to real internet to upload our world for you.  But it IS coming!