Hope in The Refugee Camps

This week we have returned from the refugee camps in the north. Just getting there is an adventure. There is a place where the Nile pushes under the main highway and heads north into South Sudan, the waters creating rapids and plumes of moisture, a perfect setting for the local baboons. Passing this stretch of … More Hope in The Refugee Camps

Growing In Favor

This week I want to share just one story. It is a story of what the favor of God looks like when the Bible said that Jesus grew in favor with God and with man. Favor doesn’t just happen on a consistent basis in every life. It is something that even Jesus had to grow … More Growing In Favor

Pressing Ever Onward

In all my travels this last month across North America I have been sharing mostly from Philippians 1:27, from The Passion version, where Paul tells us to “KEEP our lives in the reality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this reality is what will draw men to Jesus, and those who HEAR of our … More Pressing Ever Onward