Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

You will receive a semi-annual letter or drawing through email (unless you specified that you’d like updates by mail when you signed up) and an updated photo annually.

Newsletters will be added to the website quarterly. Visit our home page here and click “Follow” to receive regular updates.

You are not required to write your sponsored child, but when they receive a letter from you, it is very meaningful. If you choose to write, the best thing for us is for you to scan your letter and email it here. This is because it takes mailed letters about 2 months to reach us. However, if you prefer to mail a letter, please send it to the address below:

Iris Ministries South Sudan, c/o MAF Uganda, PO Box 1, Kampala, Uganda, Africa

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes. You need to fill out our visitor application on our website here and be approved by our team before making a visit. Because of our dedication to child protection, a background check is required. Once the visit is approved, we will assist you in making arrangements for your visit.

How is my monthly gift used?

As a sponsor, you are crucial to our mission. 100% of your support going to meeting the ongoing needs of your child. Your tax-deductible monthly contribution provides a child with the basic necessities that will help them reach his or her God-given potential. This includes access to resources like clean water, food, basic health care, educational opportunities, and spiritual nurture. Your monthly gifts will be combined with those of other sponsors whose children are enrolled in the same area, so that all girls and boys will benefit. By combining funds from sponsors and contributors, we ensure that all gifts entrusted to us have maximum impact. We are committed to using all of the contributions throughout Iris wisely and effectively.

Does sponsorship end at a certain age?

Once the child has graduated from secondary school (high school),they have reached the culmination of their sponsorship through Promises Found. However, if they desire to continue their education, either through a vocational program or university, we will send a notification and provide you the option to continue sponsorship through our Wings to Fly Scholarship Program for young adults. In communities like these, receiving a university education is a rare opportunity. Our heart is to take each child from youth to adulthood and prepare them to be a leader in their nation.

Sometimes, if family situations change, a child will be reintegrated back into their home community and therefore leave the program. If this occurs, we will notify you of their move and transition your sponsorship to another child in need.

Can I give additional monetary gifts to my sponsored child?

If you would like to send an additional monetary gift, Christmas (December 25) is the perfect opportunities to do so! This is a fun time of celebration and there are lots of smiling faces as each child receives a gift! If you would like to participate, please send your monetary gift one month prior to the celebration, noting what the gift goes towards (we request it be simple things, like small toys, nail polish, jewelry). We have two ways to give – 1) online through our giving center, 2) by check, sent to the address below. All monetary gifts will be combined to ensure that every child is celebrated! Please write a note letting us know that it is for the “Christmas Celebration”.

Iris Ministries South Sudan, PO Box 455, Orange Park, FL 32067

 What is the best way to send my sponsored child a gift?

If you want to mail a gift to your child, please let it be simple and small, for example, small toys, jewelry, stickers, nail polish. Please do not mail clothes. We want all the children in the center, including those who do not have sponsors, to receive gifts equally. If those who have sponsors receive bigger or better gifts than the others, this will be unfair to the others and will lead to conflict. The address for mailing gifts is below. It takes about 2 months for packages to reach us.

Iris Ministries South Sudan, c/o MAF Uganda, PO Box 1, Kampala, Uganda, Africa

Are my monthly gifts towards sponsorship tax-deductible?

Yes if you are a U.S. resident. We are a registered 501c3 and gifts to Iris South Sudan for the Promises Found Child Sponsorship Program are deductible U.S. federal income tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor for information about your specific situation.