the found campaign

Why is this goal so important?

When all our children are fully sponsored, the children’s villages they live in will have a stable stream of what they need every month to provide for their needs.  Food, clothes, school, carers, medicine… you get the idea.  The more people join us in caring for our children, the more children we will be able to help.  But right now we need to get each of our children fully sponsored so the projects are properly funded.

How You Can Help

We are SO glad you asked.  Even if you are not able to commit to sponsoring one of our children in South Sudan right now, you can help us by sharing about this opportunity with your friends.

  • RAISE AWARENESS: Use Facebook banners, Web flair and other tools below to help others know we are here and something worth investing in. Especially now through Christmas as we move toward the goal.  The internet is a power tool!  Let’s wield it well!
  • TWEET regularly with direct links to our sponsorship page.  You can just cut and paste the tweets below. {COMING SOON!} Post on facebook,  linkedin and any other social media network you participate.
  • SHARE with your organization, church, campus or civic group.  {Downloadable info kits coming by Nov 1}
  • BLOG/WRITE about this.  We are a grassroots kinda outfit.  All our Western staff volunteer {aka raise all their own personal support to be involved.}  That means the sponsorship monies go to the projects that directly care for and benefit the children being sponsored. And Iris Ministries is a 501c3 organization in the USA, so in the US sponsorships are tax deductible.  Michele can help you with some basic information to start with… or she would be very happy to guest post on your blog and introduce the story for you.
  • When we post, re-post and share away!


{Right click on the image and save as.  Go to your Facebook profile or page.  Upload and set in place.  If you are able, go to your photo albums and then to the album of cover photos. Edit the information about the photo and paste in this link. Thank you for helping us!}