Wings to Fly

Wings to Fly is a unique educational scholarship program for our oldest youth to help them transition out of our residential family setting and onward into God’s dreams for their futures.  This is a highly individualized opportunity tailored to the needs of each young adult to receive the next steps into the higher education/vocational training they need to soar.

With Wings to Fly, we link our older youth with interested partners who would like to sow into making their dreams happen.

Partners sponsor a young adult to cover the entirety or a portion of the young adult’s needs for their first steps beyond the walls of Iris.  This could be an entry level university course, the upper levels of secondary school, a vocational training program.  The cost breakdown will vary based on the individualized needs. Partners can give either one-time or monthly donations.

Partners will be directly connected with the young adult they choose to sow into through our Wings to Fly Coordinator so you can get to know more about their dreams first hand. Partner communication with the young adult will be through email.

Click on the links below to read about each of our amazing young adults and their dreams. Once you’ve chosen which young adult you’d like to sponsor, fill out the form below. Then, visit our Wings to Fly Give Page and follow the instructions carefully.


Rhina will begin her second year of a three year Business Finance Degree at the Uganda University level in March 2016. She has completed her first year and is doing well. All of our students who school in Uganda must live on campus, therefore, room and board is a required cost. Rhina has lived at Iris South Sudan for ten years and is a very bright and conscientious young lady. In this first year of school Rhina started a young people’s Bible study and devotional group at her school, which she leads. Her heart remains ever close to God.


Pamela was not satisfied with her graduation grades last year even though she passed well. She chose to repeat her senior year in order to be accepted at the better schools in Uganda. Her desire is to study at the Kampala National University’s School of Nursing, which is one of the best. Pamela came to us from the Congo, not knowing English or Arabic, yet in one year, at the age of fourteen, she learned both languages fluently and, having not attended school during this time, she asked to take the exam anyway and passed at the top of the class. Her zeal for learning is amazing. Pamela has also worked for six months as an interpreter at our local hospital.


Ali came to us from Nuba Mountains, Sudan, a region that is being heavily attacked by the north. He and his brother fled Nuba for their very lives. Ali diligently pursued his education even though he was stopped many times by war. He is twenty-four years old and just graduating high school because war shuts down schools for years. This has never stopped Ali, as he was hungry to learn. Every single night one can find Ali studying diligently and also helping our younger students to learn math, which he is very good at. Ali desires to become a doctor so that he can return to his beloved Nuba Mountains and help his people. When Ali arrived at Iris he was a Muslim. He is now the pastor of our young church. God has a bright future for this young man.


Johnny came to us ten years ago after his family was attacked in the night by Joseph Kony’s LRA bandits. He and his two siblings were separated from their parents and found by the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces. They were brought to us and have lived with us ever since. His mother was eventually located and lives in her village, allowing her children to stay with us to finish their education. His father was never found. Johnny simply loves agriculture. In all of his spare time he plants crops and studies the land and tries to find better more effective ways to do things concerning agriculture. He wants to study in Nigeria where there is a very good school for him. He is a quiet young man who deeply loves the Lord.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about these young adults, their dreams, their stories, please email us here.