Short Term Visits

Photo by Julie Peters
Photo by Julie Peters

Want to walk on the wild side?  Want to learn how to give your life away and love even when it is inconvenient and you wish you had a hot shower?  Want to share God’s love with some of the most precious kids on the planet?

We LOVE visitors here in South Sudan.

South Sudan is still very under developed and not for the faint of heart.  No running water, no electricity, tent camping in the bush… it is an extreme missions experience.  But we’d love to share our world with you and we know this – no one leaves the same.

Because of the conditions or our environment and surroundings, we kindly ask first-time visitor to keep your visit between 10-14 days on the ground with us.

Our visitors fold into compound life and activities, hang out with and love our children, worship with us, and are welcome on most of our planned local outreaches. We are SO excited to welcome you!

If you would like to come visit, here is how you get the process started.

  1. Fill out the form below and click submit.
  2. Wait to hear back from us before you make any plans or spend any money.
  3. Once you hear back from us and are confirmed to make a visit, read over our Visitor Information Packet for all you need to know before you come.

We are so honored that you would share your heart with us here and desire to spend time with our family.  Please know ALL information you share with us remains entirely confidential.  Thank you for your trust and your heart to come visit!

If you have any questions, please, you are always welcome to drop us an email or get in touch via Face Book (irissouthsudan).